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Jasmine Milton is a Visual Artist based in Boston, MA. She specializes in paintings, public art murals, and mixed media works. Jasmine began her artistic journey in grade school sketching portraits of inspirational leaders from the Harlem Renaissance Era. As years progressed, she experienced traumatic events that occurred from living in low-income neighborhoods. Bound by depression, the only way up was through. On her spiritual journey she explored energy chakras, meditation, and color theory as methods of healing. Infusing her recent discoveries with her technical practice, Jasmine's color blocking portraits help inspire healing within herself and her community.

Art is the solution to bring awareness to problems of social justice, inequity, and racism in America. Art is not the quickest route to a solution, but looks at it in depth; through asking insightful questions. Her job as an artist is to create, educate, and heal. Just Jasmine Collection aims to help communities break old cycles of generational trauma by infusing art and therapy. Incorporating community into the art restores confidence in the perception of oneself. As a person who’s dealt with depression, she found that there was a gap between how she thought about herself, and reality. She felt alone, imprisoned in a dark fog, inescapable. Frozen with fear, she was trapped. Choking, cold, and detached from others living a perceivably ‘happy’ life. Now, Jasmine pays it forward by building beauty in the community and spreading joy through art.

Jasmine Milton, Artist
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